Safety and Health at Work

Service for Enterprises

We offer advice, training, expert opinion and information. We are of assistance in all questions related to occupational safety and health, to adapt the working process and the workplace accordingly, to individual protection, and to all relevant rules, regulations and standards.

Skilled personnel in one main, four regional and five local offices are concerned with the needs of the insured persons. Safety experts visit the companies: they inform, advice and cooperate to find solutions for safety problems. They offer safety and health assessment, counselling and training for employers and employees. They carry out safety and health-protection activities.

Their field includes regional public relations and advertisement, safety training in schools and ensuring efficient first aid in co-operation with the ambulance services.

Safety must also be mobile – a multitude of services are needed everywhere. Specially equipped vehicles are used for the measurement and assessment of noise and chemicals as well as for video presentations and training courses. Our Accident Prevention Service does not act as a sanctioning authority – it supports the firms by co-operative counselling.

Prevention of Occupational Risks and Safety Research

Materials, equipment, machines and work processes are investigated with the aim of creating a human and safe working environment. The Safety Technology Testing and Research Centre undertakes fundamental research and provides expert opinion. The Technical Safety Laboratory, a certified and officially licensed testing facility, offers European Conformity testing for manufacturers and producers.

Occupational Medicine

One aim in occupational medicine is to provide protection against harmful influences at work. However, modern occupational medicine goes far beyond that, covering the entire individual and the work environment.
Insured persons threatened by occupational diseases receive prophylactic therapy; examinations and vaccinations help maintain health.