The goal of rehabilitation is to help disabled persons regain the highest possible degree of physical, mental, occupational and social ability, thus enabling them to be reintegrated into public life as far as possible. This requires careful synchronisation of medical, occupational and social rehabilitation measures and teamwork between a number of experts.
Regardless of whether trauma centres, rehabilitation centres or the rehabilitation counsellors of the regional offices are concerned: treatment,counselling and care help patients to help themselves.

Rehabilitation Centres

The AUVA rehabilitation centres Haering, Meidling, Tobelbad and Weisser Hof admit in-patients suffering from functional impairments, the results of amputations, paraplegia or traumatic brain injury after occupational accidents.

Meidling specialises in traumatic brain injury. 
The department for internal medicine of the rehabilitation clinic in Tobelbad specialises in occupational diseases.

These facilities are equipped for therapy tailored to the individual patient. They also offer social rehabilitation and initiate occupational rehabilitation. Depending upon the free capacity available, our facilities rehabilitate patients recovering from leisure time-, sports- and household-accidents as well.

Facilities under Contract

Patients suffering from the results of occupational accidents or diseases are offered additional or repeated treatment in the following facilities unter contract to the AUVA:

  • In Austria:
    Althofen/Carinthia and Moorbad Harbach/Lower Austria for follow up treatment of disabilities.
  • Abroad:
    The Thalasso-therapeutic Institute in Opatija/Croatia for the treatment of occupational skin diseases.
    Rovinj/Croatia for repeated treatment of the severely disabled, particularly of paraplegics and amputees.
    Heviz/Hungary: radioactive sulphur spa for patients with motion impairments or amputation.

    The decision to treat Austrian victims of occupational accidents abroad is based on medical and bio-climatic factors.


Successful rehabilitation does not end with social and occupational reintegration. It endeavours to assist the disabled persons in finding new social contacts and in maintaining physical strength and well-being through participation in sports and games. For this purpose, the AUVA sponsors sports facilities for disabled persons.