Payment of the pension

The payment of the pension is made in arrears on the first day of the following month.

In case this day is a Saturday, Sunday or holiday the pension will be transferred on time, so that it is available on the last working day before that.

The payment of pension occurs in principle directly to the entitled person.

Payment worldwide

The pension will always be transferred through the German Post AG

  • cashless to an account at a money institute of your choice in your country of residence or
  • via the cheque payment procedure, by sending an order cheque (exception: Switzerland and Belgium) or
  • upon your request the Austrian pension can be transferred to an account in Euros for non-residents.

Transfer to the Federal Republic of Germany

Through German post office (Deutsche Post AG) the pension can

  • be paid out in cash or
  • be transferred cashless onto an account at a German financial institution (bank, savings bank) of your choice.