For Exceptional Cases: On-site Registration

All social insurance notifications, in particular the registrations for compulsory insurance, must be submitted via ELDA (electronic data exchange with the Austrian social insurance institutions). In certain exceptional cases, on-site registration by fax or telephone may be permitted.


According to the Guidelines on Exceptions to Reporting by Remote Data Transmission (RMDFÜ), on-site registration by fax to +43 5 0766-1461 or by telephone to +43 5 0766-1460 is only possible if the reporting body

  • does not have any IT equipment (at least a PC) and no Internet access and does not have its payroll accounting carried out by another body (chartered accountant, data processing company, etc.) that has the appropriate IT equipment available, or
  • has its payroll accounting carried out by another body (chartered accountant, data processing company, etc.) and this body can no longer be reached (start of work outside the office hours of the service provider) or
  • takes on the employed person at a permanent establishment (branch, construction site) of the employer and the permanent establishment (branch, construction site) does not have IT equipment (at least a PC) or Internet access. 

Furthermore, on-site registration may also be permitted by ELDA if a significant part of the remote data transmission equipment was verifiably down for an extended period of time and therefore registration was not possible before work began.


If on-site registration occurs without ELDA due to one of the above-mentioned short-notice exceptional situations, then registration must be completed electronically within seven days of the start of compulsory insurance. It will be considered a breach of the reporting obligation if this does not occur.


To simplify administration, we recommend that you submit the (already simplified) registration via ELDA before starting work. This saves you one work step.


Trigger/purpose of the notification

The registration of a person or a casual employee before work begins, shall be exceptionally permitted without electronic data transmission.


  • The employer has a contribution account number or this is requested immediately.
  • The insured person has a social security number or this is requested during the subsequent electronic registration.
  • Registration via ELDA is unreasonable within the meaning of the applicable guidelines or is not possible before starting work due to a failure of the remote data transmission equipment.


Registration must be carried out on-site before work begins.

Responsible authority

On-site registration must be submitted to the ELDA Call Centre by fax (+43 5 0766-1461) or by telephone (+43 5 0766-1460).

Specifics of the notification

A fax template for on-site registration is available on the websites of the health insurance institution. The notification can also be submitted using mobile devices with Android or IOS operating systems for casual workers. The ELDA APP required for this can be downloaded free-of-charge from the corresponding APP store. The APP is structured in the same way as the fax template. On-site registrations received by other means (email, text message, etc.) will not be considered submitted.

Modifying/correcting the notification

If on-site registration is made in error, for example because the employee did not begin work as expected, you must call or send a fax to the ELDA Call Centre to cancel it.