Trigger/purpose of the notification

  • A person must be registered for compulsory insurance before work begins.
  • You must submit an electronic registration after an on-site registration.


  • The employer has a contribution account number.
  • The policyholder has an insurance policy number or this is requested during registration at the latest.


  • The employer must register every employee with the relevant health insurance institution before they begin work.
  • If the registration is made on-site (see on-site registration, an electronic registration must also be submitted within seven days of the start of the compulsory insurance.

Responsible authority

The registration must be sent to the relevant health insurance institution.

Process and procedure

The notification shall only be deemed submitted if it is transmitted via ELDA (electronic data exchange with the Austrian social insurance institutions).

Registrations submitted by other means, in particular in paper form, by email or by telephone, are not deemed submitted.

The first monthly assessment basis notification (mBGM) to be submitted confirms or corrects the details of the submitted declaration and therefore the type and scope of insurance. This then completes the registration obligation.

A valid insurance policy number must be indicated on the registration. If you don't know your insurance policy number yet, it must be requested alongside the submission of the notification by means of the insurance policy number request. In this case, you must state your date of birth and the reference of the notification insurance policy number request on the registration. If, in exceptional cases, it was not possible to transmit the insurance policy number request at the time of registration, the reference value for the insurance policy number request must be entered afterwards by means of a corrective registration. The reporting office will be informed of the insurance policy number via the SV clearing system.

Specifics of the notification

After registration, the employee shall be immediately provided with a copy of it. To fail to do so is an administrative offence which can be punished with an administrative fine by the district administrative authorities.

The registration obligation is finally fulfilled by the electronic submission of the registration, followed by the timely transmission of the mBGM.