Family Hospice Leave / Care Leave

The start and end of family hospice or nursing leave as well as all changes in this context must be reported to the responsible health insurance institution without being requested to do so. This applies to both companies with a self-billing procedure and companies with a contribution advance payment procedure.

Trigger/purpose of the notification

A person subject to full insurance coverage takes family hospice leave or nursing leave.


The person who was previously liable to pay full insurance is now only entitled to marginal remuneration or no remuneration due to the family hospice leave or care leave.

Reporting deadline

The registration, deregistration or change notification for family hospice leave/nursing leave must be submitted within seven days of the occurrence of the reportable event.

Process or procedure

The notification is only deemed to have been submitted if it is sent to the competent health insurance institution via ELDA (Electronic Data Interchange with Austrian Social Insurance Institutions).

Reports submitted by other means, in particular on paper, by e-mail or by telephone, are generally not considered to have been submitted.

Special features/advice

  • For (previously already) marginally employed persons who take family hospice leave or caregiver leave, no family hospice leave/caregiver leave reports need to be submitted. These individuals are not included in health and pension insurance.
  • A copy of the notification must be given to the insured person without delay.
  • The event of infringements may impose administrative penalties.