European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Health insurance provisions for short or long stays in another Member State and application for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Care case EU – EEA – CH

Anyone who has health insurance in another EU Member State, an EEA state or in Switzerland, rather than in Austria, are entitled to medically necessary benefits in kind during their temporary stay in Austria corresponding to their likely further stay in Austria.

From 01.07.2004, this right can be claimed directly from the health care service provider when presenting the European Health Insurance Card or a corresponding valid entitlement certificate. The beneficiary must not have travelled to Austria for the purpose of treatment.

In order to record the patient's data and to legally secure the benefit in kind to be provided, the patient fills in and signs a “DECLARATION”. On this declaration, the service provider confirms the identity of the person and the medical necessity of the benefit in kind in relation to the duration of stay indicated by the patient.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is located on the back of the e-card. The EHIC ensures that you receive medical care according to the regulations of the country in question.

The data fields on the back of the e-card must fully completed in order to use the EHIC abroad. Filling the data fields with asterisks will not be considered proof of claim.

Where is the EHIC valid?

The EHIC is valid in most countries within Europe, currently in EU Member States, EEA countries, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. For Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, please note that you must present the EHIC to the social insurance institution responsible for the area you are living in and exchange it for a valid entitlement certificate.

How do you use the EHIC?

If you need to see a doctor or hospital in one of these countries, please present your EHIC as soon as you can. International agreements mean that panel doctors and hospitals in these countries have to accept your EHIC and treat you as a national patient.

For doctors and hospitals without a contract with the social insurance system of the country of stay, you will initially have to pay the bill yourself – like in Austria when you choose a doctor or private hospital that does not have a contract with your insurance provider.

Your EHIC expiry date is related to the duration of your insurance periods. Upon expiration, a new card will be sent to you automatically, so long as you are still covered by insurance.

If you were not covered by insurance or only covered for a short time when the e-card was issued, it is possible that some data fields of the EHIC are only marked with asterisks. In this case, please apply to your health insurance institution for the issue of a “Provisional Replacement Certificate” (PRC) before you start your journey.