Care benefit

In the case of a domestic residence and receipt of a standard benefit (e.g. pension) or in possession of the Austrian citizenship (or a citizenship equivalent to the Austrian citizenship) entitlement to care benefit can be available after the application has been filed and is in compliance with the additional requirements.

Depending on the care needs the care benefit is divided into 7 levels.

All domestic or foreign benefits related to care will be taken into account when calculating the care benefit, likewise specific in-kind benefits from an EU, EEA member state and Switzerland.

The care benefit will also be paid in case of a change of the habitual residence to an EU, EEA member state or Switzerland, provided that the entitled person is still subject to the Austrian health insurance.

Furthermore, those pensioners who migrated from Austria between 4th March 1933 until 9th May 1945 due to political reasons (except for those persons active in the Nationalist party), religious reasons or reasons of ancestry are entitled to care benefit.

Care benefit is awarded upon application and will be paid 12 times a year with no deductions.

You are entitled to the benefit at the earliest at the beginning of the following month after the application was filed. The entitlement to care benefit expires on the date of death of the beneficiary; in this calendar month one will receive the prorate payment of the care benefit.

Care needs are determined on the basis of a medical expert opinion and are officially regulated.

Care benefit is divided into 7 levels, as can be seen in the table below.

Table: Levels and monthly amounts

Level Average care needs per month exceeding Amount (monthly) 2022
1 65 hours 165.40
2 95 hours 305.00
3 120 hours 475.20
4 160 hours 712.70

For Level 5 onwards there are additional requirements (especially qualified nurses):

Level Average care needs per month exceeding Amount (monthly) 2022
5 180 hours and exceptional nursing expenses 968.10
6 180 hours and difficult-to-coordinate care procedures during day and night or roundthe-clock presence of trained personnel 1,351.80
7 180 hours and no possible purposeful arm and leg movement or an equivalent condition 1,776.50