A pension is provided as compensation following an occupation accident or disease.

It is intended to compensate for the reduced earning capacity and the burden of disability and to secure the living standard of those affected or their surviving dependents.

The degree of reduced earning capacity (Minderung der Erwerbsfähigkeit, MdE) on the general labour market is crucial for granting the pension.



MdE of at least 20 per cent due to an occupational accident or disease

over a period of more than three months from the beginning of the insurance claim.


The MdE must be at least 50 per cent for pensions based on the general clause.

This also applies for children in kindergarten, school-aged children and students.

As for employed workers, at least 20 per cent is sufficient for accidents occurring in the framework of a mandatory internship.

Disability payment

Children in kindergarten, school-age children and students receive a one-time disability payment at the end of their treatment if they have a reduced earning capacity of at least 20 per cent for more than three months (from the beginning of the insurance claim).

Exception: There is no claim to disability payments for accidents that occur during a mandatory or standard internship; in such cases, there is an enhanced claim to disability pension instead.

The one-time disability payment is calculated at fixed amounts determined after completion of the treatment according to the degree of the remaining reduced earning capacity.

Care benefit

Recipients of a full pension can claim a care benefit from their accident insurance.

The caveat for this is that permanent care due to the consequences of the occupational accident or disease is required for more than 65 hours per month six months after the beginning of the insurance claim.

Children in kindergarten, school-age children and students are entitled to a care benefit from the work accident insurance from the day after the completion of the treatment for the accident if their earning capacity is reduced by 100 per cent.

They do not need to be recipients of a full pension.

Since 01.07.2011, the regional office of the Pension Insurance Fund (Pensionsversicherungsanstalt, PVA) responsible for the policyholder based on their place of residence (region) has been exclusively responsible for determining and paying the care benefit to recipients of AUVA (Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt, General Work Accident Insurance).


Care benefit levels:

Pursuant to § 4 para. 2 BPGG (Bundespflegegeldgesetz, Austrian Care Allowance Act), a permanent care requirement above 65 hours per month due to a disability entitles you to a care benefit.

For levels and monthly amounts please see the table on the following page:  Care Benefit .


One-time disability compensation

If the insurance claim was caused by the grossly negligent non-observance of worker safety regulations and the policyholder suffered a significant and lasting impairment to their physical or mental health, and if there is a claim to disability pension, an adequate one-time disability compensation is also due.

This compensation is a one-time lump-sum payment.

The highest amount is twice the annual maximum assessment basis; gradations are provided based on the level of the disability.