International Cooperation

AUVA is explicitly authorised by law to carry out research in order to determine the most efficient means and methods to fulfil its duties. This applies to safety at the workplace as well as to methods of therapy, e.g. tracing and measuring the concentration level of harmful substances, developing new methods in trauma surgery or in the nursing of severely traumatised patients.

The results of research are valuable not only for AUVA but also for its clients and patients: these results are made generally accessible through publications and events. Important research projects are usually carried out in co-operation with national and international partners.

Co-operation is also based on scientific and technical agreements. A substantial number of experts visit the facilities of the AUVA every year to gain information on preventive measures or medical treatment and rehabilitation. This exchange of experts has opened new avenues for everyone involved.
Meetings, symposia and congresses dealing with the cutting edge of research keep knowledge up to date. Thanks to an intensive exchange of experience and information with leading experts from all over the world, everyone can profit from the research conducted by leading institutions and costly parallel developments can be avoided.

Moreover, the AUVA is a member of the leading international boards on social safety.

International Social Security Association

The International Social Security Association is a privileged international forum for social security institutions. It is an acknowledged partner for everyone interested in the appropriate development of social protection adapted to essential human needs. Furthermore, the AUVA is a member of the Special Commission on Prevention (www.prevention.issa.int). Experience is exchanged by organising events such as the World Congresses on Safety and Health at Work and other expert meetings and working groups. All this contributes to the international improvement of safety and health at work.


European Forum

The "European Forum of Insurances against Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases" was founded in Rome 1992. It provides a venue for exchanging information and experience between the national organisations which are responsible for the statutory insurance against occupational accidents and occupational diseases. The goal of the Forum is to promote and safeguard the principle of a specific insurance against occupational accidents and diseases; moreover, it actively monitors the process of convergence among the systems in Europe against occupational accidents and occupational diseases. The Forum is actively committed to improving the situation of workers in Europe who have suffered an occupational accident or an occupational disease. Thus, it is providing a major contribution in creating a future Europe focused upon social justice.


International Rehabilitation

At least 600 million children, women and men have disabilities. The humane attitude of society is a prerequisite for successful rehabilitation. Rehabilitation International is a federation of national and international organizations and agencies working for the prevention of disability, the rehabilitation of people with disabilities and the equalization of opportunities within society on behalf of persons with disabilities and their families throughout the world.

Its membership includes both governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations, including voluntary and private organizations, public and private not-for-profit rehabilitation providers, disability advocacy organizations, consumer organizations, self-help groups and individuals.