Address notification of policyholder

The address of an insured person is important information for compulsory insurance. It is to be submitted electronically to the health insurance institution by the employer together with the address notification of the insured person. This also applies to any change of address.

Trigger/purpose of the notification

  • When an insured person is registered for the first time, we must be notified of their address.
  • The insured person changes their address while taking out compulsory insurance.
  • An insured person who has already been employed is re-registered at an address other than the one originally registered.


The current address is provided by the insured person.


During the period of compulsory insurance, the employer must report any change of address relevant to the insurance within seven days of becoming aware of it.

Responsible authority

The registration must be sent to the relevant health insurance institution.

Process and procedure

The notification shall only be deemed submitted if it is transmitted via ELDA (electronic data exchange with the Austrian social insurance institutions).


Registrations submitted by other means, in particular in paper form, by email or by telephone, are not deemed submitted.


Obtain the current address of the insured person in good time before starting work or ensure that you're informed of any changes.

Specifics of the notification

If a person to be reported does not have an social security number or if this is not known, the current address can be provided with the “ social security number request” notification. An additional address notification is not required.

If an insured person is repeatedly employed by the same employer and their address data remain unchanged, you do not need to register the address when re-registering.

Modifying/correcting the notification

Each address notified by means of the insured person‘s address notification is valid from the day on which the notification is processed. Changes for the past or the future are not possible.