Who is insured by whom?

Am I insured? - What is the extent of my insurance? - Which insurance provider is responsible for me?

These questions can suddenly become very important for you in the event of illness or accident, if not before.
We invite you to use this online advice centre to clarify which insurance provider is responsible for you.

We’ve made every effort to cover the entire spectrum of social insurance law. However, due to the wide variety of social insurance statutes, it’s possible that certain special cases were not given consideration. If you believe you are one of those special cases, we ask you to contact the social insurance agency.

Intentionally left out of consideration:

  • Insured category of persons: home workers, developmental aid workers, individuals undergoing rehabilitation, trainees, pastors, political workers, individual covered by the Act on Social Insurance for Self-Employed Individuals (Gesetz über Sozialversicherung freiberuflich selbständig Erwerbstätiger, FSVG)
  • Social insurance providers/institutions: company health insurance funds, the Insurance Institution of Austrian Civil Law Notaries (Versicherungsanstalt des Österreichischen Notariates), health care institutions for public workers
  • Cases of deployment
  • Multiple insurance
  • Special cases involving accident insurance