Search help


Quick search

This option is available from every page and you can use it to search for one particular term on the page of the insurance provider you are currently using.


Extended search

The extended search option allows you to search for one or more than one term using the operators “and” / “or”. If you enter more than one term, they must be separated by a space. You can restrict the search by selecting a particular topic.



The relevance display shows how relevant the document found is to your search criteria. In this case, relevance means how often the required term appears in the document. The larger the number of squares that are coloured grey (up to four), the more relevant the document is to your search.


Wildcard symbols

Search will only find the documents in which your search term(s) appear in the form you entered them. Search is not case-sensitive.

If you wish to search using parts of words, you will need to enter a wildcard symbol - in this case a “*”.

If the word you are looking for contains an umlaut or special character, it is advisable to use a wildcard as the search will then find all variants of the word.

You are looking for information on the subject of tick immunisation
Enter, for example

You are looking for information in German on Rezeptgebühren (prescription charges)
Enter, for example the string