Portal Navigation

In order to help you browse the information available, we have provided the following navigation aids.


Top navigation

top navigation The top navigation options are displayed at the top of your browser window.

top navigation Click on this logo to return to the start page.

top navigation Click here to see a drop-down list of all social security provider and partner portals available on the net.

Select a provider or partner and click on “Go“ and you will be directed to the relevant start page.

top navigation Use this for an overview of web pages and to call up the extended search function. You will also find extensive help information and options for contacting us.



channels The five channels are shown below the top navigation bar and consist of the following:

channels Here you will find the latest information on the subject of social security.

channels Find out what you can do to stay healthy and keep fit.

channels Here you will find an overview of our various services.

channels From here you can submit applications online or print any forms you need.

channels Interesting information on our partners and our agreements with other countries.


Local navigation

local navigation This will be dependent on the channel you have selected. You will see the channel name at the top of the page.

To remind you of the navigation option you have selected, this will appear in black script while the inactive navigation options will appear in grey script.


Multi-page links

multi-page links If a menu selection is covered by more than one page, the various pages will be shown in the form of multi-page links.

Click on one of the documents to open it.


Inpage links

inpage links These allow you to jump between sections of a longer document.


Link bar

link bar This shows the relevant links, contact persons and other documents relating to the document you have opened..