Contributory basis

The contributory basis of each insurance period is documented and credited to your pension account in order to calculate your pension entitlement.

This table shows the various insurance periods with the corresponding contributory bases:

Insurance period resulting from Contributory basis
Paid employment Income from which contributions are paid
School 10x the daily maximum contributory basis
Tertiary education and training 20x the daily maximum contributory basis
Childcare *)   EUR 1.735,06 
National service, voluntary military training (in Austria and abroad) community service *)   EUR 1.735,06       
Sickness benefit *) Basis of calculation of the sickness benefit entitlement
Maternity benefit *) Benefit entitlement
Supplementary benefit *) Benefit entitlement
Unemployment benefit *) 70 % of the income on which the employment benefit entitlement calculation is based
Income support *) 92 % of the unemployment benefit paid


In the periods designated with *), the contributions are paid on behalf of the account holder by the Arbeitsmarktservice (Austrian employment office), the Familienlastenausgleichsfond (family support fund), Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung (Federal Ministry of Defence) or directly by the federal government.