Schooling/study and training periods

Periods in which, after your 15th birthday, you were attending a secondary school, college or similar educational institute (e.g. teacher training college) or a university/art college in Austria will count as insurance periods.

Any period in which you were in prescribed postgraduate vocational training will also count as an insurance period.

The contributions must be paid for school/study and training periods which are to count to towards your pension entitlement.

Subsequently purchased school/study and training periods are treated as periods of voluntary contribution.

Voluntary pension insurance can be taken out to cover periods at which you attend an education institution after 1 January 2005.

How many months are credited to me?

  • 12 months for each allowable school year
  • 6 months for each allowable university semester
  • The whole period of any training course
Taken into account is each full school year commencing with and following the calendar year in which the insured person reaches their 15th birthday.

There is a maximum allowable period for each type of educational institution:
Secondary school: 24 months
College: 36 months
University/art college/training course: 72 months

In the case of widow’s/widower’s and orphan’s pensions, schooling/study and training periods in which no contributions were paid also count towards determining the date of your eligibility to receive the pension (minimum insurance period).