Administrative structures of the statutory insurance organisations



  • Operative management


General meeting of shareholders

  • Votes on statutes
  • Votes on budgets


Supervisory body

  • Monitors the activities of the insurance organisation
  • Right to co-determination with regard to important board decisions (e.g. appointment or dismissal of management personnel, the executive physician and their permanent deputies, approval of blanket agreements with doctors)


Regional committees of decentralised organisations

  • Managing body with regard to regional competencies
  • Administration in the interests of insured persons at the regional level


Supervisory board (no administrative capacity)

  • Advisory function in areas of fundamental importance
  • Submits applications
  • Provides comments
  • Participates in sittings of the administrative bodies in an advisory capacity


Members of the administrative bodies

Members of the self-administering bodies are appointed by the Arbeiterkammer (worker’s association), the Austrian association of trade unions, the Wirtschaftskammer (economic chamber) and the Landarbeiterkammern (agricultural workers’ associations).

The numbers of persons representing those with insurance interests in the various administrative bodies is limited by law ( Art. 427 ff ASVG, Art. 203 GSVG, Art. 191 BSVG, Arts. 138 ff B-KUVG, Art. 66 ff NVG). Representatives of both employees and employers belong to these bodies.

In the case of the:

  • Sozialversicherungsanstalt der gewerblichen Wirtschaft
  • Sozialversicherungsanstalt der Bauern and
  • Versicherungsanstalt des österreichischen Notariates
the members of the administrative bodies are exclusively representatives of the insured persons.