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It is next to impossible, with limited outlay, to create computer programmes that are free of all possible defects. It is equally impossible to provide information in text form on various topics without making errors.

The disclaimers that apply to printed law texts, legal commentaries and other similar texts also apply to the contents of this website:

The information has been provided and processed to the best of our abilities and capacities, but we can accept no responsibility for its accuracy. The site operator, its employees and other persons involved in the preparation of documents and content accept no liability in this respect.

The site operator accepts no responsibility for the content or legal status of information provided in texts and on sites to which hyperlinks are provided from the website


Copyright and free content

The material (text, images) on the website is “free content” as defined in Art 7, Section 1 of Austrian copyright law.

The content of the website may be freely used within the defined limits unless otherwise specified; users are, however, requested to specify the source of any material they employ. This entitlement does not apply to use for the purpose of other activities, particularly commercial activities. In this case, users will need to obtain an agreement that entitles them to employ the content for their intended use.

Users should note that some of the information content (texts) may represent intellectual property and may thus be protected by copyright (e.g. quotations from copyright-protected published texts of judicial decisions or parliamentary procedures). It may be necessary to acquire the entitlement to use such information from the copyright holders.

Users should also be aware that the texts on this website, in common with all official texts, may be subject to revision (due to the introduction of new laws, correction of printing errors, removal of typographical errors, for technical reasons). It should not be assumed that the legal situation as specified in a text on a particular date will continue to be valid on all future dates.

Hyperlinks to pages of the website may be created under the following conditions:

  • The browser window may show no other information than the hyperlinked page of this website and the website address.
  • No website information may be altered.
  • Hyperlink users must not be given the impression that the content derives from other sources.