Medical care

All insured persons are free to choose their own doctor and can seek medical care from:

  • Independent panel doctors
  • Doctors in registered group practices
  • Doctors in facilities maintained by the health insurance provider (Ambulatorien)
  • Doctors in registered institutions (such as hospitals)
And from:
  • Private consultants
  • Doctors in private group practices
  • Doctors in private institutions

Doctors will not always have contracts with all health insurance organisations.

If you visit a panel doctor, you will receive the medical services that are covered by your health insurance provider. Some health insurance providers require patients to pay a certain percentage of the costs of their own health care, and this will be specified after the treatment is completed.

Private consultants (doctors who do not have contracts with health insurance providers) are able to specify their own fees and are not bound to predefined fee scales. You will have to pay their invoices yourself, but part of the costs of your treatment will be reimbursed by your health insurance provider.

We therefore recommend that you discuss the costs with your doctor and you obtain information on how far these will be covered by your health insurance provider before you commence any elective treatment.