Cover while on holiday

Your e-card can be used to claim health care entitlements while you are on holiday in Austria. You no longer need form E111 to claim health entitlements while abroad in countries of the EU, EEA or in Switzerland thanks to the fact that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is now on the reverse of your e-card.

There are bilateral treaties in place for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Turkey. The EHIC is not valid in these countries, with the exception of Macedonia. You need a holiday illness certificate. Starting 1 January 2013, pursuant to an agreement, the EHIC can also be used in Macedonia and, as in the EU, presented directly to the service provider.

The Holiday Health Insurance Certificate will be valid for the period of your stay and is generally issued free of charge. Please remember to apply for your certificate in good time before travelling.

With some countries there is no bilateral agreement for health care in case of illness.

Please contact your health insurance provider for more information.