Mother-child pass (Mutter-Kind-Pass)

A free health screening programme is offered to ensure that mother and child remain healthy from birth up to the child’s first years. The results of examinations are documented by the various specialists (gynaecologist, paediatrician, GP etc.) in your mother-child pass, which is issued at the commencement of your pregnancy.

The information in the mother-child pass thus facilitates early diagnosis and early treatment of illnesses, while you are guaranteed continuous medical supervision and care. If you need to visit a different doctor, this doctor will know exactly what examinations you will need. Everyone treating you will be in possession of detailed information on your medical history.

Don’t forget to bring your e-card with you to each appointment!

The mother-child pass can be issued to you by the medical facilities (Ambulatorien) maintained by your regional health insurance provider, your gynaecologist, your family doctor, your regional health institute, the out-patient obstetric departments of hospitals and pregnancy advice centres.