Registration of birth

As a rule, your local Registry Office will automatically notify your social security provider of the birth of your child once you have completed the Registration of birth procedure. Please contact your Registry Office for more information.

By law, your child can be automatically covered by the insurance of the mother and father. In this case, both parents will need to be insured. To ensure that your child has insurance cover, please contact the relevant health insurance provider (of mother and/or father) and notify them of the birth of your child.

If the father’s name does not appear on the certificate of birth but the father’s insurance cover is to be extended to the child, proof of paternity will be required (result of a paternity test, court ruling on paternity).

After you have registered the birth of your child, we will send you an e-card for your child. If you do not receive an e-card for your child, please contact your social security provider.