Subsequent acquirement of insurance periods


Cost of acquirement of insurance periods

Each study/training month and each school month costs EUR 1.108,08.

Persons born before 1 January 1955 who are already 40 years old or older at the time they apply to acquire insurance periods will be charged an additional “risk supplement”.

Application submitted at age 55 years
per school/study month:

Application submitted at age 60 years
per school/study month: EUR 2.592,91

Persons who are not yet 50 years old on 1 January 2005 will not be charged the risk supplement. If schooling/study and training periods have already been acquired, the risk supplement contributions will be repaid when the person becomes eligible for the pension or on prior application.


Application and payment

An application for the subsequent acquirement of insurance periods can be submitted to any pension insurance provider from whom you have already acquired at least one insurance month.

The applicant can freely determine how many periods to acquire after the cost has been set.

Subsequently acquired schooling/study and training insurance periods will only be effective for insurance purposes once the specified purchase price has been paid in full.

The cost of subsequent acquirement of schooling/study and training insurance periods is tax deductible as a special expense.

Please contact your tax office for more information.


Repayment of contributions

By law, your pension insurance provider is obligated to repay you contributions paid for any schooling/study and training period that does not count towards your pension eligibility or entitlement.
If you became eligible for your pension prior to 1 January 2004, you must apply to your pension provider to have such contributions repaid to you.