What determines my pension benefit entitlements?

Pension benefit entitlements are determined by

  • Your income for contribution purposes
  • The number of insurance months you have acquired and
  • Your age on commencement of your pension.


Total assessment basis

An average value, the assessment basis on the “reference date”, is calculated on the basis of your income for contribution purposes from all relevant paid occupations.
There is a legally fixed assessment basis for periods in which you were occupied with the care of a child.
The average of these two assessment periods is calculated, and this is your total assessment basis.


Pension amount

Your pension will be a percentage of this total assessment basis. The percentage (pension amount or Steigungsbetrag) is determined by the number of insurance months you have acquired.


Pension reduction

If you claim your pension prior to your official retirement age, your pension will be reduced.


Pension increment

A pension increment will be paid on top of your pension benefits if you have paid voluntary contributions to acquire complimentary insurance.


Incremented retirement pension

If, despite completing the qualification period, you only claim your pension once you reach your official pensionable age, an increment (“supplement”) will be paid on top of your pension.


Special pension increment

Persons who remain in paid employment while in receipt of their retirement pension will receive a special pension increment for pension contributions paid from this income after 1 January 2004.

Your pension insurance provider will be happy to provide you with a pension forecast on request!