Periods of partial insurance (Teilversicherung)

These are periods:

  • In which you were in receipt of maternity or sickness benefit
  • In which you were in receipt of an unemployment insurance benefit
  • In which you were entitled to receive income support but did not because of the income of your partner
  • In which you were doing national/community/foreign service or military training
  • In which you were in receipt of supplementary benefits from an accident or pension insurance
  • In which you were working as a research assistant at a university
  • Of family hospice leave care
  • Of childcare
    The first 48 calendar months after the birth of the child count as a period of partial insurance. If you give birth to more than one child, the valid childcare period is extended to 60 calendar months. If you again give birth prior to the termination of this period, the first partial insurance period ends at that point in time, and a new partial insurance period (48 or 60 calendar months, as appropriate) commences for the new child/children.

    Example calculation of childcare periods
    Date of birth of first child: 23/1/2005
    Partial insurance period: Feb. 2005 - Aug. 2007
    Taken into account: 31 months

    Date of birth of second child: 7/8/2007
    Partial insurance period: from Sept. 2007
    Taken into account: 48 months