Persons with earned income while in receipt of a pension

As a rule, you will be permitted to earn income while drawing your pension. This may influence your pension depending on the type of pension you are receiving:


Retirement pension

You are permitted to carry on any form of paid occupation while in receipt of a retirement pension . Your pension will be supplemented as a result of any pension contributions you pay.


There are restrictions on the paid occupation you may carry out while in receipt of an early retirement pension.

  • If you have an income subject to pension contributions (or more than EUR 2.400,00 according to the social security regulations for farmers taxable basis) or
  • a monthly gross income that is above the income support threshold (EUR 415,72)

your pension will be suspended.

When you cease the paid occupation, your original pension will be reinstated. At 60 years of age (women) and 65 years (men), your pension will be converted to a standard retirement pension and adjusted for any periods in which you were not entitled to receive a pension.


Corridor pension and “Schwerarbeitspension”

A corridor pension and “Schwerarbeitspension” will be suspended during any periods in which you are in a paid occupation prior to reaching your official retirement age,

  • in which you are liable to payment of pension insurance contributions (i.e. if the BSVG applies, more than EUR 2.400,00 taxable basis) or
  • in which you are paid a monthly gross income that is above the income support threshold (EUR 415,72).

When you reach your official retirement age, your pension entitlement will be recalculated and increased for each month your pension was suspended as follows:

  • by 0, 55 % in the case of a corridor pension
  • by 0,312 % in the case of a “Schwerarbeitspension”.


Invalidity pension

If you carry on a paid occupation while receiving an invalidity pension, your pension may be reduced to a part pension.

If your total income (pension excluding any complimentary pension plus earned income) is more than EUR 1.167,91, a claw back amount will be calculated and deducted from your pension assuming that your earned income exceeds the income support threshold of EUR 415,72.


Widow’s/widower’s pension, pension for surviving registered partner

The amount of any earned income may also influence the benefit you are entitled to if you are in receipt of a widow’s/widower’s pension or pension for a surviving registered partner.


Orphan’s pension

Before you reach 18 years of age, you may carry out any paid occupation while you are in receipt of an orphan’s pension.

When you reach 18 years of age, it will depend on whether you spend more time at school/training or at your paid occupation.

Your weekly working hours and your income will be assessed to determine your continuing entitlement.

Please ensure that you must notify your pension insurance provider of any change in your circumstances by the specified deadlines!

The assumption and termination of any paid occupation and any related income or change to this income must be reported to your pension insurance provider within 7 days. If you fail to provide notification by this deadline, you will be required to repay any pension benefits to which you were not entitled.