The effects on your pension

The social security agreements include regulations on how insurance periods acquired abroad are to be treated for pension entitlement purposes. The agreements guarantee that:

  • Insurance periods acquired abroad are taken into account when determining if you meet the pension eligibility requirements (e.g. have the required minimum insurance periods)
  • Your benefits will be remitted to you if you are resident in a country with which Austria has an agreement.
Your pension entitlement will differ depending on whether you acquired the insurance periods in an EU member state, an EEA country, Switzerland or another country with which Austria has an agreement.

Please note that it will be necessary for you to claim your pension irrespective of whether your benefits are to be paid by Austria or another country. You will need to claim your pension entitlements separately in each country. If you submit your claim in the country in which you are residing you will need to point out that you have also acquired insurance entitlements in another country. Your insurance provider will then contact the relevant institute in this country and will initiate the “cross-border pension entitlement calculation” procedure.