The GSVG regulates the statutory health and pension insurance cover of most self-employed and independent entrepreneurs in Austria (with the exception of farmers).

This includes:

  • Traders who are members of a chamber of commerce
  • Personally liable shareholders of limited partnerships
  • Shareholders of acquiring companies
  • Shareholders appointed to executive posts in limited companies (the company must be registered with a chamber of commerce)
  • “Newly self-employed persons” without a trading licence (such as authors, freelance journalists)
The GSVG also regulates the health insurance of persons who receive pensions under this law.

Accident insurance cover is provided to self-employed commercial traders in accordance with the provisions of the ASVG.

Statutory insurance cover per the GSVG is provided by the Sozialversicherungsanstalt der gewerblichen Wirtschaft (SVA).

For more information on the commencement and termination of statutory insurance cover and the persons covered by this insurance, please contact your statutory insurance provider.