Informal insurance

If persons who do not meet the requirements for statutory or voluntary insurance are admitted to insurance cover by an insurance provider and their contributions are accepted, these persons are provided with so-called “informal” insurance cover.

Informal insurance provides cover to the (erroneously) insured person and the legal entitlements of the insured person are the same as if this person had statutory insurance cover. It is possible to have informal health, accident and pension insurance cover, but not informal unemployment insurance cover.

Requirements for informal insurance cover

  • No statutory insurance cover per the ASVG or other federal law
  • Continuous and undisputed acceptance of contributions for at least 3 months
  • Correct but unintentionally inaccurate registration

Termination of informal insurance cover
Informal insurance cover terminates on the date on which the insured person receives notification from the insurance provider that they are not covered (proof of receipt). In the case of pension insurance, cover terminates on the day prior to the reference date at the latest.