Pensions in overview

In insurance terms, we differentiate between personal pensions (the benefits an insured person is entitled to through their pension insurance) and surviving dependents’ pensions (the benefit that a deceased insured person’s dependents are entitled to).

Personal pensions in Austria

  • Retirement pension
  • Corridor pension
  • Schwerarbeitspension (stressful working conditions pension: from 1 January 2007)
  • Early entitlement to the retirement pension due to extensive insurance period - transitional provisions
  • Invalidity pension
    • Incapacity pension (employees/salaried personnel)
    • Invalidity pension (workers/waged personnel)
    • Disability pension (self-employed persons and farmers)
Surviving dependents pensions
  • Widow’s/widower’s pension
  • Pension for dependents of insured persons
  • Orphan’s pension
An entitlement to payment of pension benefits arises when:
  • The insured event occurs.
    Insured events can take the form of: Invalidity, incapacity, old age and death or
  • Compliance with the minimum eligibility period or
  • Compliance with other requirements as long as these are specified for receipt of pension benefits.