Rehabilitation is of considerable significance in the area of pension insurance as it serves to prevent people having to leave active paid employment because of ill health and restores their health and earning capacity.

The pension insurance organisations offer a wealth of services to insured persons that are designed to maintain their good health.

Rehabilitation measures take the following forms:

  • Medical measures (e.g. referral to rehabilitation centres, assumption of the cost of prostheses, etc.)
  • Vocational measures (e.g. education and re-training, help to retain earning capacity)
  • Social measures, (e.g. loans to cover the costs of adaptation of a home to the needs of disabled person to maintain their social mobility)
There is no automatic legal entitlement to rehabilitation measures.


The aim of rehabilitation measures is to enhance the status of insured persons with physical, mental or psychological disabilities so that they can assume a role suitable to their capabilities:
  • In the professional and commercial world
  • In society.